GTA V Story DLC Is Planned Says Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick Misspoke

If you remember, almost an year ago Rockstar said they are exploring potential story expansions for GTA V. I remember them saying it, hopefully you remember them saying it, but it seem Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has forgotten.

During the financial call, an analyst asked CEO Strauss Zelnick if they still plan on releasing a story expansion for GTA V.  Surprisingly, Zelnick said he has no memory of such an announcement.

Here’s what he said:

No, we haven’t discussed any story-based downloadable content. We did talk about the Heists and they’ve been released.

This caused confusion among fans and many started saying that Rockstar may have backtracked on their announcement. However, thankfully that isn’t the case and Take-Two clarified that Zelnick misspoke.

Strauss misspoke during today’s call, as over a year ago Rockstar Games had said that they were exploring story mode content for Grand Theft Auto V; however, no further information has been released since. As always, we leave it to Rockstar Games to share information about their games when they’re ready.

While we don’t know when we will get to hear something regarding a story expansion, but it is good to know they haven’t ruled it out.

Take-Two recently revealed that GTA V has sold 52 million units thanks to strong sales on PC. Fans surely want to see more of this game and Rockstar should offer more content.

Would you like to see what Trevor is doing with all that cash?