Diablo 3 Permanent Crowd Control Going Away in Update

Recently, a thread on the Battle.net forums was being used to discussed scaling damage in Greater Rifts where players were informed by the community manager that one of the future updates to Diablo 3 was going to disable Permanent Crowd Control feature.

He was originally commenting on the shape Greater Rifts is in now and how damage scaling could be worked on, but he also revealed the plans regarding Crowd Control.

Apparently, the step is being taken to increase interaction with “monsters at higher Greater Rifts levels,” said Grimiku:

We’re looking to disable permanent Crowd Control in an upcoming content patch to create more interaction with monsters at higher Greater Rifts levels. To complement that change, we will be also be evaluating how much damage monsters are dealing to players in that environment. One of our goals in the next major patch is to provide a more consistent Greater Rift experience while making sure that defensive Legendary items still matter.

There are many Diablo 3 players who reply on zDPS classes to take on higher levels in Greater Rifts, and then there is the Hardcore mode where death is permanent. I am sure that disabling the feature simply is not going to give a good picture and Blizzard Entertainment will probably have to scale down the damage of monsters too.

The community manager for Diablo 3 did mention that developers were “currently looking at our options for some possible adjustments to how this damage scales in the future.”

Keep checking back for more updates, but in the meanwhile tell us do you think this is a good step or bad and why?