The Witcher 3 Unlock Times Detailed, Schedule your Reminders!

We are all eager to finally play The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, however, it won’t be until CD Projekt Red finally unlock the game for us.

Not that it hasn’t been confirmed before, but just to give you a friendly reminder, the game gets a green light to go at exactly 1 AM CET as announced by the developers a couple of days go on their official Twitter profile.

It unlocks globally at 1am CET on May 19. Depending on what time zone you live in, this may seem earlier or later.

While they said CET, the summer times are being used these days which means instead of CET, the times are being calculated in CEST just like EST is not being used right now and in its place EDT is being used.

Long story short, you are 16 hours away from the launch of the game regardless of the territory you are in.

Keeping that in mind, it will also be different for each time zone and if we calculate, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt unlock timing of 1 AM CEST on Tuesday, May 19 translates into 7 PM EDT on Monday, May 18. Also it will be 5 PM PT on Monday, May 18.

Lastly, just to give you a yardstick, this also translates into 11 PM GMT on Monday, May 18.

In parallel news, Nvidia has shared their GPU recommendations for the game and you might not want to miss out on how to get the most out of the title. Also, the developers have explained in a video how decision from The Witcher 2 can be brought into The Witcher 3, watch here.

So yeah, get your reminders clocked in so that you can be on top of your consoles or PCs as soon as the game gets unlocked!