Rumor: Fifa 16 May Feature The Champions League Tournament

Over the past few days it was rumored that Konami is done with PES, the long running Soccer game series from the Japanese publisher. However, Adam Bhatti later shot-down these rumors and suggested that PES is not going anywhere. Of course, judging by some recent events, that could change.

With the knife of uncertainty hanging over PES 2016, a rather exciting rumor has started to circulate regarding Fifa 16. According to a South American website, Fifa 16 may feature The Champions league and Europa League tournaments.

The licence for the tournaments currently belong to Konami. EA on the other hand is yet to comment on this rumor and they likely won’t for now. If this is indeed true, then they would no doubt prefer making an announcement at E3 next month.

What’s interesting is that Konami hasn’t come out to make an announcement for the renewal of their contract with UEFA as well.

The only thing assuring us that PES is not dead is Adam Bhatti’s word, but is that enough? Statements can change depending on the situation but for the sake of all PES fans, I hope Konami makes the right decision.

As for Fifa 16, the game is expected sometime in the final quarter of 2015. More details and some gameplay footage is expected at E3 next month, so stay-tuned for all things Fifa.