New Splatoon Weapons Trailer Offers Tips For Combat

The colorful and vibrant title Splatoon, has received a new trailer by developer Nintendo. The new video shows some of the new weapons players will see and explains how to use them.

The video was in Japanese but thanks to a Youtuber Chyadosensei, we  are getting English subtitles as well. Take a look at the new video to get some tips and advice on how to use certain weapons.

You will surely be tempted to grab the controller and play the game after looking at the video, but you won’t be able to until it comes out.

Also, the developer recently held a beta for the game to test things out before Splatoon releases. The feedback gathered from the beta won’t have an impact on the development as the game is so close to release now.

The Wii U exclusive is slated for a release on May 28. If you wish to know more about the game’s weapons and characters, visit the link here.

In related news, fans of Splatoon in Japan may soon be getting a Splatoon Manga. Nothing much is known about the new Manga, other than a few images that were shared on Twitter. Nintendo is yet to share a comment regarding these images, but they seem to be fan-made. However, we can’t say for sure until an official word.