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Hellblade Is For Fans of Combat Games Says Ninja Theory

One of the games I am highly looking forward to playing is Ninja Theory’s Hellblade. The title is announced for PC and PlayStation 4 and is referred to as an indie AAA game. Which is one of the reason this game raises my curiosity. Normally, AAA games are of a massive scale and demand millions of dollars in budget, so how can an indie studio pull something like that off?

Still, Ninja Theory seems confident in their product and so far the game looks promising. According to Dominic Matthews, product development ninja at Ninja Theory, they need to sell at least 300,000 units to break even. Compared to most AAA titles, that require 5 million + units out there, this number seems achievable.

Matthews also said that Hellblade is for fans of combat games:

I’m very comfortable in saying this game is for Ninja Theory fans. Fans of combat games. Fans of engaging stories and the characters and worlds we build. That isn’t millions and millions of people. We’re pretty open about the numbers we need to hit for Hellblade to break even: we need to sell about 300,000 units. Which, compared to five million, is far more tangible

Matthews also explained that during Hellblade, each fight will feel significant and meaningful. Hellblade is expected to make an appearance at E3 2015, during Sony’s press conference.