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Civilization Beyond Earth Is Getting Floating Cities In New Add-On

The alien world of Civilization Beyond Earth is getting a new add-on called Rising Tide. This is the first expansion for Beyond Earth and will introduce floating cities. It is time to colonize the Ocean.

Players will be able to build cities and engage in combat on the ocean. According to Rising Tide co-lead designer David McDonough:

The namesake feature is aquatic gameplay, which allows you to build cities, claim territory, fight and compete on the oceans of the planet. So with this change, 100% of the planet’s surface is now playable and valid for settlement.

Developers have reworked and overhauled the water gameplay to create a unique catalog of features. Up until now, players were able to build their own navy and use the seas for combat but Rising Tide is suppose to take things a bit further:

Water gameplay has been designed from the ground up.It’s not just the same old Civ on blue terrain. There’s key differences and fundamental new challenges you have when playing aquatic territory that make it a whole new strategic landscape. A parallel problem to solve alongside land territory

Developers will introduce a whole new ecosystem and new AI behaviours to support it. Both land and water territories will require proper management in order to co-exist.

Civilization Beyond Earth Rising Tide expansion is planned for a release this fall. You can read more over at the link provided above.