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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombie Mode Features Four Maps, and New Ranking System

New details have surfaced online regarding the Zombie Mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The information was posted on Reddit by a user claiming to be an Activision marketing intern. Since there’s no possible way of validating his claim, it’s best to take whatever he has shared as speculation.

According to the poster, he came across the details on “corporate papers.” Treyarch is seemingly working on a new ranking system where players will scale from level 1 to 40 depending on actions performed, such as executing headshots or completing certain objectives such as reviving team players.

Reaching higher levels will allow players to unlock emblems, and perks such as faster movement and better reviving speeds.

The first map, Zeitgeist, takes place in the mind of a character called Samantha. It is set in “Steampunk Chicago” and is the only map to feature advanced movement capabilities such as wall-running, sliding, boosted jumping. Players will fill the roles of four nameless characters, and play with Samantha acting as a consistent narrator.

The second map, unnamed for now, is based in Maxis Mansion where players will control Dr. Maxis and three other German scientists. The third map is unnamed for now as well, and is set in a German village. It is said to be the largest in Black Ops III and has a lot of room to play in.

The fourth and final map, called Nile, is based around the pyramids of Giza. It will see to the return of the original heroes (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen), and give players nostalgia for the first Black Ops game.

According to the poster, Nile is currently “the least polished/designed of the Black Ops III maps,” and has a ton of ancient puzzles, Easter eggs, and mystical references to ancient civilizations.

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Source Reddit