Beware of Giant Robots in SimCity BuildIt’s New Update

The latest update for SimCity BuildIt is now available and allows players to finally upgrade Dr. Vu’s tower in order to unlock three new disasters.

Players might find the task of fully upgrading the tower a challenge, but one that comes out to be highly rewarding when they are able to unleash colossal tornadoes, massive lightning storms, and giant robots.

“These disasters are meant to be pure fun and a way for players to create new challenges for themselves in the game,” said the game’s creative director Petri Ikonen. According to EA, the concept follows player feedback that reinforces the thrill of rebuilding a city once it has been torn down.

Rebuilding also allows players the opportunity to earn Golden Keys, to be used in building “cool specialization buildings.” Hence, the more destruction that follows, the more opportunities to earn keys.

The new update also includes upgrades to roads, such as Boulevards with walkways, Avenues with palm trees and Street Cars. There are new Houses of Worship, more achievements to unlock, and the ability to collect rewards from Sims when visiting the cities of other mayors. For the latter, simply keep an eye out of opinion bubbles with a gift icon.

Source EA