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Batman Arkham Knight Has 243 Riddler Trophies; Catwoman Trophy Giveaway Reveals

The last time Sefton Hill took to Twitter was when he revealed the identity of Batgirl in Batman Arkham Knight confirming that it was indeed Barbara Gordon.

Apparently, the game director and co-founder of Rocksteady Studios wants to make news every time he tweets. He started a giveaway competition where people had to guess the number of Riddler trophies that the game is going to bring.

How about a little competition? Can you guess how many Riddler trophies there are in Arkham Knight?

We’ll sort out a little something for the winner. Not sure what yet! It will be something cool!

This was later followed by an image of a life sized Catwoman Riddler trophy made by TriForce which was going to be awarded to the person who made the right guess.

Then, he tweeted clues suggesting that the Riddler Trophie in Batman Arkham Knight were going to be less than how many there were in Batman Arkham City:

Clue: Riddler has focused on quality over quantity. These are his most devious and cunning brain teasers ever.

Do note, however, that he didn’t fail to hint that the level of efforts required to get all of the trophies was going to be intense.

Sometime later it was officially revealed that the number of trophies was actually 243. This is 157 less than the trophies that were up for grabs in Arkham City.

Do you think they should have made more of the trophies like in the previous instalments in the series? Or is it better that they have focused on quality over quantity in Batman Arkham Knight?