Batman Arkham Knight’s Arkham Insider #2 Video Shows Dual Combat

Batman Arkham Knight is just a little over a month away and excitement couldn’t be any higher. Developer Rocksteady has shared a new Arkham Insider video to give us a few more details regarding the dual-play feature of the game.

It was revealed recently that players will be able to play as one of Batman’s classic allies, Nightwing. Players can switch between the Dark Knight and Nightwing during gameplay fluently, as the footage above shows us. There will also be certain combat maneuvers which players will be able to execute using both Batman and Nightwing.

Well, in addition to this feature being highly exiting, the fluidity of switching between both characters is just amazing. Also, if you are controlling a certain character and see an enemy attacking your partner which you want to take down, you can switch characters to take down that enemy.

You will also be able to perform super-combo takedowns if your “special” is charged-up.

The rest can be known by taking a look at the video above.

Batman Arkham Knight is heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starting June 23.