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Amazon France Lists God of War III Remastered PS4 Bundle

God of War III Remastered is going to launch with its own PlayStation 4 bundle, suggests a new listing by Amazon France.

According to the retailer, the bundle will feature a 500 GB standard black PlayStation 4 console, along with a copy of the game. It is going to cost consumers €429.99 or £311.

The listing, however, has yet to be officially announced by Sony. Additionally it is unclear whether the bundle will be available in other territories outside of France.

God of War III Remastered is going to include all previously released costume DLC. Sony has also dropped in a “Photo Mode” for players to experiment with, a feature that is becoming more customary with every major Sony release this generation.

The remastered edition is confirmed to be running in full glorious 1080p, while dishing out a constant 60 frames-per-second. While the new settings will have Kratos wreak havoc as a more sharpened and brighter warrior, it has to be said that the original version still looks beautiful on the PlayStation 3.

God of War III Remastered will hit retail for the PlayStation 4 on July 14 in the United States, while Europe and United Kingdom will get the game on July 15 and July 17 respectively. The game has also been recently confirmed for a release in Japan and will arrive in the region on July 16.

Source Amazon France