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All Destiny House of Wolves Gear; Legendaries, Primaries, Exotic Armor Detailed

Finally, the day has come when you will be able to actually play Destiny House of Wolves expansion! This comes not just with the new content that is in store for the fans but an avalanche of new items, weapons, armor and whatnot.

So far, we knew bits and pieces of what was going to be new in all those categories, but now we have it all. Almost everything that is going to be a part of the gear that the expansion brings you has been revealed and listed.

If you check out this Reddit thread, it has an extensive rundown on everything from Exotic Primary Weapons, Exotic Special Weapons, Sidearms, Faction Armor, Legendary Armor, Exotic Armor for the three classes and Legendary Weapons which also include Trials of Osiris weapons and adept weapons.

Then there are new Faction Weapons, remade Faction Weapons, Queen’s Wrath weapons, Vanguard weapons and tons of others including Class Items like Hunter Cloaks, Titan Masks and Warlock Bonds.

Last but not the least, there are eight ships, two shaders, one consumable and two packages. All of this stuff has been individually detailed at DestinyDB.

We are only listing the primary and special weapons that Destiny House of Wolves is going to bring:

Primary Weapons

  • 347 Vesta Dynasty (Scout Rifle): Improved Accuracy while airborne. Kills can trigger either +Armor or +Agility. Moderate Impact, good Stability.
  • Fate of All Fools (Scout Rifle): Chain body shots for bonus Precision dmg. High Impact. Exceptional Range, poor Stability (mitigated by Zen Moment).

Special Weapons

  • Queenbreakers’ Bow (Fusion Rifle): Arc Damage. Can either be a Fusion-style “Sniper” or fast-charge Fusion Rifle. Magazine of 6.
  • Dreg’s Promise (Sidearm): Arc Damage. Guaranteed ammo on-spawn. Melee kills might fill the magazine. “High ricochet shock rounds.” Incredible ROF, good Stability. 18 shot Magazine.
  • Lord of Wolves (Shotgun): Solar Damage. Kills give allies +3 Recovery for 30 sec. Very high Impact. Terrible stats overall. Insane 30-shot Magazine.

Destiny House of Wolves is slated for a release tomorrow i.e. May 19.