Microsoft Punishes Gears of War Leakers Harshly; Xbox Live Suspensions

So you all saw the sweet leaked gameplay footage for the new remastered Gears of War, right?

Well Microsoft and Epic Games are definitely furious about it. Taking the apparent steps to even turn off and “brick” the Xbox Ones of users who may have had something to do with the news regarding Gears of War being leaked.

A lot of questions come up when this sort of thing happens. From “can they even do that?” to “this is a free country!” users who have been on the receiving end of Microsoft’s wrath aren’t happy.

Oddly enough, just a few hours after news of this counterstrike against piracy leaked, Microsoft issued a statement decrying that these statements were not 100 percent correct.

To be clear, if a console is suspended from Xbox Live for a violation of the Terms of Use, it can still be used offline. Microsoft enforcement action does not result in a console becoming unusable. Suspensions for both consoles and accounts are determined by looking at a number of factors. To avoid enforcement action including suspension from the service, users should follow the Xbox Live Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.

While this sounds like a logical explanation and eases the fears of those who thought Microsoft could remotely brick your Xbox, it doesn’t mention one thing, Xbox One consoles need online mode to survive.

Sure the users can still turn their systems on, but they won’t have access to game important patches, system updates, or anything else they may need to play one of their purchased games.

Do you think this punishment was too harsh or is it just right for someone choosing to leak footage of something as huge as Gears of War remastered version? Let’s discuss in the comments below!