Dota 2 Update Makes it Easier to Earn Compendium Points

Earning Compendium points and coins is a big deal in Dota 2 these days. With The International 5 looming in closer, Valve Corporation has updated the game to introduce new ways of earning points.

The complete patch notes were shared on the game’s Steam page where they have (most importantly) confirmed a fourth Challenge slot, Ten Hero Challenge for the Compendium, return of Item Recycling and a few other things that would earn you the desired points.

Here’s a rundown on each:

  • Added a fourth Challenge slot, which is always a Hero-specific challenge, and rewards completion with both Compendium coins & points.
  • Ten Hero Challenge added to compendium, also enabled on the above-mentioned modes. This year you can do the Ten Hero challenge 3 times for a total of 450 Compendium Points (4.5 Levels).
  • Added back the Item Recycling system. You can now recycle 10 items for a Charm of the Crucible Jewel II and 25 Compendium Points.
  • Added 3 Recycle Charm Achievements. Create 1 Charm, Create 10 charms, and Successfully Complete 8 Charms. Worth 25, 125, and 200 Compendium Points respectively (in addition to the base 25 for recycling).
  • Added All-Star match voting to Compendium (awards 50 Compendium Points for completion)
  • You can now choose to consume any TI5 Compendium Immortal by right clicking on it in the Armory and choosing the Consume option. You’ll gain 200 Compendium Points (2 Levels) for each Immortal consumed this way.

However, the Dota 2 update didn’t focus solely on Compendium points, it also brought other changes to the game for instance Eclipse, Eye of the Storm and Diabolic Edict abilities were fixed from targeting zombies.

Other areas that have been attended to include Searing Arrows’ requirement of mana for dealing damage, kill gold chat messages, proc events failing, pre-game pet limit, a visual bug for Enchantress and Rubick’s Permanent Split Shot among other things.

Did they miss out something in the Dota 2 update?