Bungie Weekly Update: Destiny House of Wolves Will Need Two Separate Pre-Release Updates

Bungie is yet to reveal a release time for Destiny’s pre-release House of Wolves update, but according to the Bungie Weekly update, things are coming together nicely.

The new weekly update is mostly about a new matchmaking system and a revelation that House of Wolves will need not one, but two pre-release updates to prepare Destiny for its arrival.

The patch notes for these updates have not been confirmed but Bungie said they will keep us updated on the matter. Patch 1.2.0 that was delayed due to a technical problem late in development, is planned for a release today. However, at what time? Remains to be seen.

As soon as the patch goes live, its changelog will follow immediately.

Along with the update, Bungie is adding a new matchmaking trick they are referring to as “Connection Recovery.” As the name suggests, the new system will let players jump back in to the same match they were in, upon losing connection.

Bungie explained:

It won’t always work, because the underlying networking problem may be too severe, but it gives you a fighting chance at rejoining the server you were playing on. If it’s successful, you’ll keep your progress and your Fireteam.

Soon after a player loses connection, he/she will see a message saying the game is trying to reconnect. If successful, that player can rejoin the server he/she was playing on. A really helpful feature if it actually works.

You can read more over at Bungie.

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves is expected to roll-out on May 19. It is available as part of the season pass for $34.99, or separately for $19.99.