Battlefield Hardline Will Get More Updates Soon, Plenty of Weapons Tweaks Incoming

Battlefield Hardline received its first patch last month and Visceral Games is planning to introduce more updates in the near future. Developers are planning to bring faster tickrate and have already tested the feature in Battlefield 4 CTE. They will soon be testing faster tickrate in Battlefield Hardline CTE as well.

Faster Tickrate will roll-out to the retail version of the game once it has been tested successfully.

Visceral also revealed that they have successfully implemented  Universal Soldier Aiming and ADS sensitivity sliders for the next patch.

According to Lead Multiplayer designer Thad Sasser:

We’re fixing the Ballistic Shield coins by changing the scoring events. Instead of 1 point per bullet (really? bad designer, no cookie), you’ll get multiple points per bullet, making these assignments and coins easier to achieve.

Sasser also revealed a laundry list of weapons tweaks they are considering for future Hardline updates.

  • CAR-556 increased recoil
  • ACWR increased recoil
  • SPAS, Stakeout increased damage falloff start range
  • ARM gets same bullet as M16A3
  • Carbine end damage increased to 18 from 15
  • .338 magnum rounds increased OHK range
  • .338 magnum rounds much more effective vs. armored insert
  • M/45 and Uzi get a new bullet
  • M16, M416, MPX get horizontal recoil increase
  • K10 lowered start of drop off to 5m
  • MPX lowered start of bullet drop off to 10m and end damage lowered to 12
  • SG slug increased range and effectiveness vs. armored insert
  • M1911 increased damage within 10m
  • AWM and R700 OHK extended to 30m

He also said that Hardcore health will be set to 60 by default when the next update rolls-out. You can read more about Visceral’s plans for Battlefield Hardline over at Battlelog.

Battlefield Hardline was released in March for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.