Wildstar to go Free to Play After two Months, Suggests SteamDB

We called it a month ago folks! We reported that Wildstar was probably going free to play an now it has been all but confirmed. Carbine Studios, who are known for developing the title, are apparently inspired by the F2P model and the the only game that they have made so far is going down that line probably very soon.

What makes me so positive about it is a SteamDB listing for the game where it is mentioned that the last record update was “about 8 hours ago (May 14, 2015 – 01:22:33 UTC)” but the main point is that under the billing type section for the game, it says that it is a “Free on Demand” product.

This is exactly what Warframe, another free to play game is listed like.

If you have checked the link above you will be suspicious about the term “single purchase that sits under the “license type” of the product, but rest assured, Warframe also has it and we all know it is not pay to play.

That being said, the rumors were originally ignited when the game was pulled from the Australian retail stores. However, this listing on SteamDB as well as a thread on Reddit where an alleged employee of Carbine Studios is claiming the same leaves no doubt in the future of Wildstar.

According to the Reddit user and the listing in question, the business model change to free to play is going to be applied in August; that is just two months away from now.

Did you purchase Wildstar recently? How does it feel to know that you could have gotten it for free?