Ubisoft Fires a Rainbow Six Siege Release Date Our Way With Collector’s Editions

The hits just keep on coming from Ubisoft.

Today they released a teaser video for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege that ended with us finally getting that coveted release date.

Ubisoft also released a small snippet of info about the upcoming gameplay as well:

Selecting one of 20 Operators will be an important choice for all Rainbow Six Siege players. Will you focus on jamming the opposing squad’s communications? Or will you favor the ever-reliable bulletproof barricade? Will a ranged breach launcher be more useful to you than a sledgehammer? Every choice contributes to your team in different ways, and you can discover the possibilities when Rainbow Six Siege hits stores on October 13, 2015.

Looks like another fall release for one of Ubisoft’s biggest franchises. Their holiday season is going to be a very lucrative one.

On top of their announcement of a release date, the king of special editions have also announced a whole slew of them for Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

They haven’t even announced the ones for America yet but I’m sure they will be comparable.

Here are the contents of the Art of Siege Edition:

  • A copy of the game
  • Collector’s box
  • Gold Skins Pack for all weapons
  • 120-page Tactical Guide

A Season Pass is not included, however.  An odd choice considering all of the Assassin’s Creed special editions have included a season pass.

Rainbow Six SEThe amount of time and effort Ubisoft puts into their special editions are definitely a sight to behold. Will you be lured in by their shininess? Will you be importing one of these editions or waiting for an American release? Let us know in the comments.