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Star Wars Battlefront is a Reboot So Don’t Expect More Content: EA DICE Designer

Well, ever since Star Wars Battlefront was revealed officially, Electronic Arts has faced some sort of a backlash from the fans who were expecting more out of the game. There has been discontent regarding the game modes included as well as the general lack of content, so to say.

Now, one of the fans took up the matter with the lead level designer for EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE), Dennis Brännvall. When he complained that “how can it be that your new game lacks/has less of thingd that the old games had,” Brannvall revealed the reasoning by saying that since the game was a reboot only, you should not expect all that:

Because it’s a reboot, not a sequel. It’s our first time making a SW game and we truly feel like we’re on to something great.

However, the conversation went on – and kept getting heated. The fan responded by mocking that EA was, in so many words, saying “we charge you full price for a lot less content and how dare you to question our methods” but Brannvall said “no, it’s not. It’s me explaining game dev as best as I can despite you calling me a liar and deserving of a bitch slap.”

That was amusing right? Anyhow, the tweets went back and forth and kept getting interesting, so we are embedding them here:

So, a couple of questions from the fans after this: what do make of the way they are being criticized, what do you make of the way they are responding and most importantly, what do you make of the future of Star Wars Battlefront!