Overwatch Zenyatta Gameplay Preview Gives us a Closer Look

Compared to the shower of information and stories based on it that came out when Overwatch was actually revealed by Blizzard in November, things have gone a little silent as far as the news is concerned.

The last time we talked about it was in March when two new characters were revealed alongside news that the game’s beta will kick off by this year’s fall.

However, they have released a new video to bring your attention back to Overwatch (for those who lost attention in the first place), or at least to one of their characters.

The video is actually a gameplay overview for Zenyatta, the support character that has impressive healing powers to help other team mates. He used the Orb of Harmony and Transcendance to create a healing shield around a place or a character.

He also has the Orb of Discord which he puts on enemies amplifying the damage being dealt to them.

In the eight minute long video above, you will be able to see him show off all his abilities including the rather less focused attacks that he has.

The release date of Overwatch is still to be announced, but we know that it is going to come out on Microsoft Windows, OS X.