Mass Effect: NASA is Funding a Reaper-Like Machine For Space Exploration

Researchers taking inspiration from fictional technology is nothing new, but scientists at NASA seem to have played too much Mass Effect, as they are funding a Reaper like machine.

Yes! a Reaper may soon become a reality at NASA.

The image you see below is what NASA is hoping to turn into a reality. Thankfully, these machines won’t be walking around on planet Earth, actually they won’t be walking at all. NASA plans to use this Reaper-like machine for space exploration, or more like sea exploration.

Mass Effect NASA

This design is courtesy of NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program, that has choosen 15 designs to help revolutionize space exploration.

The design we are discussing was created by Mason Peck, who took inspiration from a squid. It harvests power from locally changing magnetic fields, and NASA plans to send this giant creature to planets with explorable seas. For example, Jupiter’s Moon Europa is one of the candidates.

One can only imagine what we’ll discover under the seas of foreign planets.

15 proposals were selected in Phase 1 and each development team will get $100,000 for their initial research.  After Phase 1, they can apply for an additional $500,000 in Phase 2.

According to IAC program executive Jason Derleth:

Most of the 2015 NIAC Phase I final candidates were outstanding, and choosing only 15 of them proved to be a challenge. We look forward to seeing how each new study will push boundaries and explore new approaches — that’s what makes NIAC unique.

Mass Effect 4 developers can surely learn a thing or two from these concepts.