Gears of War Remastered Gameplay Footage Leaked, Announcement Expected at E3

Well, it seems Microsoft was so close to giving us a huge surprise at E3 but its efforts were spoiled thanks to a new leaked gameplay footage.  The footage in question is from Gears of War on Xbox One. Don’t get too excited, it isn’t from a new entry.

The video is from the long rumored remastered Gears of War for Xbox One. We don’t know which studio is working on it, but since Black Tusk is busy with the new Gears of War, it is possible that a different studio is behind this.

The footage is off-screen but you can clearly see the improvements made to the game. If the footage is to be believed, the remastered version or “Gears of War Ultimate” features a level editor, new multiplayer modes and new single player episodes.

Gameplay was leaked by YouTuber EMK KrAuSeR™, he also shared a video comparing the new version with the one released on Xbox 360. The difference is pretty startling  and Gears of War never looked better.

It isn’t clear how he got his hands on this build but one thing’s for sure, Microsoft will not be happy about this. On the other hand, fans will surely be excited to know that their favorite game is coming to Xbox One with major improvements.

We’ll know more about the remastered Gears of War for Xbox One and what it has to offer at E3.