Carbine Studio Employee Confirms Wildstar Will go Free to Play

As we reported on earlier today, a Carbine Employee in conjunction with a SteamDB listing, all but confirmed that the Wildstar MMO would be going free to play.

The Carbine Employee gave us a bunch more information since the previous bit of news came in. Here is what he had to say.

“As has oft been discussed around here, Wildstar is going to be changing its business model in August (tentatively of course, patch stuff etc) to a Hybridized Free to Play model,” the employee wrote.

“Now thankfully it is not going Pay to Win, I suppose you could call it ‘Freemium’ in a way as a lot of the stuff that the paid accounts will get is buffs to experience/rep/renown etc gain and character slots and the like, no direct power buffs or anything like that. MTX (Microtransactions) will be included moving forward as well and you will hear more about that very soon.

Steam release should be by the end of this year or January at the absolute latest. It should definitely be before the China release. The China release is slower because we have to change every asset that has bones or blood or teeth or eyeballs and all of that stuff that they are not fond of. Some whole zones, specifically those with the Strain, have to be overhauled.”

Following this, the employee was asked about the current mood at the studio. They proceeded to claim it wasn’t particularly optimistic due to high staff turnover rates and serious worries about the future.

“The PLAN is for content to stay at the quarterly cycles that they are now,” they wrote. “We have soft and hard locks for everything. That SHOULD not change however we are losing employees left and right, for example our dungeon and raid team is 4 people, we have 5 class designers, hell even our QA team is about 7 people for Wildstar and a few of those people are leaving as well in a few weeks. We have lost 2 Art Directors in less than 8 months along with several Producers.”

What do you think about the refreshing, yet disheartening, glimpse inside the world of MMO development?  Will the company’s candidness encourage you to support them more? Let us know in the comments!