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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Is Getting Royalty Weapons Set, More Details Expected Tomorrow

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players are getting some Royalty weapons variants according to a tease from Sledgehammer Games on Twitter.

It seems players are never short on deadly weapons and cool customizations in Advanced Warfare:

According to the Tweet, we aren’t getting official details until tomorrow. We’ll let you know as soon as news comes our way.

If you can’t wait till tomorrow, then the following information is for you. Some players have data-mined the PC version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and the list below is believed to be the Royalty weapons variants, and their stat changes.

  • AK-12: +3 Handling
  • Ameli: [Stats not yet known]
  • ASM1: -1 Damage, +2 Fire Rate, -1 Range
  • Bal-27: +1 Fire Rate, +2 Handling, -3 Mobility
  • HBRa3: -1 Accuracy, -1 Range, +2 Handling
  • KF5: -2 Fire Rate, +3 Range, -1 Handling
  • M1 Irons: [Stats not yet known]
  • MORS: -1 Damage, -1 Accuracy, +2 Fire Rate, +1 Handling, -1 Mobility
  • Pytaek: -1 Accuracy, -1 Fire Rate, +3 Range, -1 Clip Size
  • S-12: -1 Damage, -2 Accuracy, +3 Fire Rate
  • SAC3: +3 Damage, -3 Handling
  • Tac-19: +2 Accuracy, -1 Handling, -2 Mobility, +1 Clip Size

The above information isn’t official so take it with a grain of salt. Sledgehammer will share official details tomorrow.