Battlefield 4 Gets 120Hz Tickrate in the CTE

Battlefield 4’s CTE (community test environment) is the place where all the action goes down before introducing features in the retail version of the game. According to the latest news to come-out of the CTE, Battlefield 4 now supports 120Hz tickrate server.

Developer DICE LA, with some from Hardline developer Visceral, has made improvements to the game’s netcode. As as result, the CTE version of Battlefield 4 is supporting both 60Hz and 120Hz tickrate, which is far better than 30Hz available in the retail version.

The code is now on par with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Source Engine. So how will this improve our experience? Well, multiplayer in Battlefield 4 will feel much more responsive in the CTE and will send/received updates from the server much faster.

This will result in the reduction of lag experienced by players of the game.

There is one issue though, none of us may ever get to experience 120Hz outside of Battlefield 4 community test environment. The reason is that the update is in early stages and it puts a lot of stress on the hardware along with the internet connection.

So Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline players might never get to experience it, especially on the console side of things as hardware limitation play a key role.

To get an understanding of how tickrate works, check out the video above courtesy of Battle(non)sense.