(Update) Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay To Be Shown In The “Near Future”

Update: Community Manager Mathew Everett has also confirmed that the Millennium Falcon will be playable in Star Wars Battlefront.

Original Story: Fans of Star Wars: Battlefront are more than eager to know and see more of the game, in order to get a better understanding of its gameplay. However, developer DICE has kept the gameplay side of things under wraps but fans will be happy to know that gameplay is coming soon.

Community Manager Mathew Everett asked fans to leave some questions for the development team on Reddit. One of the fans asked about gameplay footage, which Everett replied to by saying:

Near future. But keep an eye on our channels for announcements.

He was also asked about handling of ships like the X-wing, and if they are easier to handle compared to Battlefield:

A lot easier to fly. Very Padawan friendly. We will go into more details on what makes them Padawan friendly and Jedi master-able (is that even a word?).

You can read more interesting details about the game over at the link provided above.

Lastly, Design Director Niklas Fegraeus took to Twitter in order to clarify that aim down sights gameplay will remain unaffected by the lack of ironsights.

In addition to no ironsights, Star Wars: Battlefront won’t have classes or squads similar to Battlefield games. As a replacement, DICE is adding a “partner” system that will tie two players together. They will be able to see each other on their HUDs and will have the option to spawn on each others’ locations.

More details are available here.

Star Wars: Battlefront is heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year.