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PlayStation 4 Hack Plays 10 Pirated Games for $100 in Brazil

Remember how Sony launched PlayStation 4 in Brazil for a humongous price tag that equated to around $1800? Well, it looks like some of the pirates in the region took that to heart and were bent upon finding a way to save money without giving up on the new console.

It has now been confirmed that a few hacking groups in the country are not only hacking the console to run pirated games on it, there even are stores in Brazil that are selling bundles of the pirated games to users.

According to previous reports, the stores started marketing the ripped retail titles in packs of 10 that were being sold for as low as $100. The same has now been confirmed by a known Brazilian website Jogos UOL, who have given a detailed insight into how the PlayStation 4 has been hacked.

Jogos UOL claims that they actually went to one of these stores and got tens of games installed on their console in order to verify the legitimacy of the claims.

Apparently, the technique being used is much more advanced than the better know “account sharing exploit.” What they do is that they dump a retail console’s contents, Hard Drive content as well as BIOS/NAND, over to the console being hacked through raspberry pi.

The website in question has a much detailed account of the technicalities involved and if you are well versed in Portuguese you might actually want to read up on it.

Just to be clear we are fairly certain that Sony will take the appropriate legal actions against the group of hackers who are actually selling the PlayStation 4 hack in the Brazilian markets. Keep checking back for more.