Driveclub Is Getting 4 Paid and 1 Free Car This Month

It seems Evolution has sworn not to let Driveclub be short on new content. The game keeps getting fresh cars, tracks and other content, so how can this month be any different.

According to Paul Rustchynsky, we are getting 4 new paid cars in addition to a free car this month. He comfiremd the news to a fan on Twitter:

He was further asked when will they start dropping hints related to the DLC content. Rustchynsky replied by saying:

We will keep you updated on these “hints” from Evolution Studios in the next few days.

Driveclub was released back in 2014 and even after a plethora of issues, the developer have managed to get the game back up on its feet. They have shown complete support for their game and have added fresh content periodically in addition to releasing regular updates to fix any and all issues.

However, we are still waiting for ย that long promised free PlayStation Plus version though. Hopefully, we will get to play the game on PS Plus soon.

Stay-tuned for all things Driveclub!