Battlefield Hardline Developer Hit With Layoffs, EA Confirmed

Battlefield Hardline developer, Visceral Games, has been hit with layoffs which resulted in many employees losing their jobs. Visceral parent company, EA, referred to these layoffs as “a small staffing change.”

The layoffs are a result of an attempt to match the needs of the studios’ “two current development priorities.” One EA spokesperson said:

We made a small staffing change in our Visceral studio today to support the needs of the studio’s two current development priorities: content for Battlefield Hardline Premium and an unannounced Star Wars project. We are working to ensure the smoothest transition possible for the impacted employees.

Visceral is the studio behind the development of Dead Space and  Battlefield Hardline that came out just a couple of months ago. Not to mention, Visceral is also involved in the creation of an unspecified Star Wars  project.

How many employees are affected by this is not known but EA has confirmed that Amy Hennings and Todd Stashwick aren’t affected. Both of these personalities are working on the new Star Wars game, while they were both previously a part of Uncharted 4 development.

People losing their jobs is always sad news but times are tough and it’s something we all must be prepared to deal with. We wish all of the affected employees the best for their future endeavours. Hopefully, layoffs won’t affect any more employees.

As for Visceral new Star Wars game, the project is in no way affected by this. The developer is yet to share details about the project.