Xbox App For Windows 10 Mobile Lets You Check: Xbox Live Messages, Achievements, Friends Activity, Game Clips

Microsoft has made some major changes to its Windows OS and is planning to make them all public with the release of Windows 10. The OS is not the only thing getting an overhaul, the apps we’ll use on it will also be unique and a fresh take on their predecessors.

Xbox app is among those who are getting some much needed improvements  for Windows 10.  PC users are already getting to know the Xbox app via the preview build of Windows 10, but mobile users are still waiting in line.

However, a few leaked images and a video posted today will give fans an idea of what to expect for the new mobile app. The leaked content shows the Xbox app running on a gorgeous Lumia 1320, which indicates that Windows Phone users are close to getting the app on their devices.

Xbox app
The feature line-up looks pretty similar to that of PC, which was expected as Microsoft is emphasizing on universal apps that will run in a similar manner across all platforms (e.g. Xbox One, PC, Tablets, Smartphones).

Xbox app 1
From the looks of it, Xbox app lets you in on the Xbox Live massaging and Achievements along with an activity feed for you to keep an eye on your friends.

You are allowed to post comments and access the Xbox Store to purchase your favorite content right from the convenience of your smartphone.

Microsoft is expected to release a fresh build of Windows 10 mobile sometime later this month. It is likely that we’ll be getting the new Xbox app with it.

So far Windows 10 is looking great on both PC and mobile, however, some of you might be wondering why Microsoft never released Windows 9. If you wish to know the answer to that, visit here.