Uncharted 4 Devs Discuss Narrative, TLOU and Lessons Learnt

We know that Naughty Dog is definitely wishing to build on the hype they have created by critically acclaimed titles in the past like The Last of Us, and previous Uncharted games while marketing for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Josh Scherr, the Writer as well as Ricky Cambier the lead designer for the game were recently interviewed by Games.tm magazine where they went into detail regarding the way Naughty Dog tackles narratives that make them stand apart from the rest.

Keeping The Last of Us in mind, we know that many smaller studios look up to their way of creating things.

So naturally, you would be wondering what the developers have learnt from it and used in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Referring to the importance for a player for staying in control, Cambier mentioned a few memorable scenes from the past titles in the series like the “train scene in Uncharted 2, the airplane sequence [in Uncharted 3]” and continued:

The player gets to be hands-on with those all the way through; that’s something that’s fairly unique. So now, after three games, we’ve got a taste for that, especially after exploring the more intimate side of adventure as a studio with The Last Of Us. We want to get those big moments and make them a little bit more emotional, connected. More personable.

About realism in A Thief’s End, Scherr revealed that they would rather stick with stylised realism instead of just realism: “trying to keep in line with reality just isn’t all that interesting to us, so what we use that stylistic approach for is, really, storytelling – rather than trying to keep everything consistent to the real world’s rules.”

They also talked about the camera comparison between the two games saying that while TLOS had the camera zoomed in on the character, Uncharted 4 will show us more of the protagonist and surroundings. Moreover, they discussed graphical detail and gave the example that while characters in the last installment had 90 to 100 “bones” in their face, this time there are between 300 to 500!

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