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The Witcher 3 Weather Effects Are a Spectacle for the Eyes

Many things have caused an uproar (good and bad) among the millions of fans waiting for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in the recent days.

Whether it is the sex scenes that made Conan O’Brien freak out, or Twitch streams of allegedly leaked copies of the game that the video streaming service has banned recently; there has been a reason for the game to stay in the news everyday.

Why wouldn’t it, we are down to the last week of the game’s release and nothing has excited us more than The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in this year.

That being said, we have a little something that would further build that excitement in your minds. We know that the game is big on visuals – probably the prettiest game in a while – so we do expect it to show off every now and then.

However, this little GIF shows how CD Projekt Red is going about boasting of the visual grandeur of the game with things like weather effects too!

Surfaced online recently, the GIF shows Geralt getting a new quest “Contract: Missing Brother” but it is the sky above him that stuns. You can see shades of orange and red and yellow in a bloody sunset in the midst of lightning and thunder that could jolt you if it were happening in real life.

There is rain, there is wind too but the combination of all the four elements is what’s making me want to visit that place in real life.

Check out the GIF above and tell us whether The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is meeting your expectations or not?