Star Wars Battlefront: High Res First and Third Person Comparison Images

Developers of Star Wars Battlefront have been as active as possible when it comes to funnelling out details to the series fans regarding the upcoming title.

Ever since May 4 (and even before that) we have had regular updates from Bioware. However, the most interesting part was the reveal trailer that stunned and charmed almost everyone whether they are Star Wars fans or not.

The graphical detail boasted by Electronic Arts through images before and after the reveal trailer has been astonishing and now we have a comparison between the first person and third person perspectives of the game to show us how good it is going to be.

A slightly high resolution image shows you what difference you will experience when you switch between the two viewing options in Star Wars Battlefront, check it out below.

Star Wars Battlefront

All this is pretty impressive but the question remains, will Electronic Arts deliver this time? We have known them to be a company that uses extensive marketing material that is quite different from what a game actually looks like. In fact, we have seen many other studios do the same.

To top that up, there is always a difference between how a game looks on PC and how it looks on consoles. My experience says that mostly a PC quality at high settings will get toned down considerably before it can be regarded as believable for a console.

Which way will Star Wars Battlefront go?

The game releases on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 17, 2015 in the North American regions and November 20 in United Kingdom. Will it live up to the hype?