DOTA 2 Darth Vader Mod Allows Juggernauts to Use the Force

I think it is an understatement to say that DOTA 2 is huge.

So it is also an understatement to say that the DOTA modding community is even bigger.

Creating tons of skins and add-ons that make the arena fighting genre even more entertaining to watch and play. It’s even inspired some of the game’s best cosplay!

In honor of everyone’s favorite Star Wars themed holiday, May the Fourth, the release of a new Battlefront Game, and hype for the new movies, Steam user Rustard Gaming created a Darth Vader mod for all you Juggernaut players out there.

While the mod doesn’t include the epic cape or full body suit, it does recreate the iconic helmet very well.

The mod also replaces the Juggernaut’s standard weapon with a lightsaber and appropriate sound effects.

Also included with the mod is an replacement for the Juggernaut’s healing ward in the form of the adorable R2-D2.  A lovely homage to when Darth Vader wasn’t a terrible overlord of the galaxy.

Unfortunately the mod hasn’t been made official yet and chances are it might not be.

Non-official Star Wars usage is held down by the iron fist of Disney nowadays and that same reason may keep it from passing DOTA’s workshop rules for approval process.

Still, it’s nice to at least see it in action, as you can do in the video above.  You also still have an opportunity to download the mod from the source before it potentially gets taken down.

What did you think of the Mod? Would you like to see it included in the game? Let us know in the comments!