Clash of Clans Air Sweeper Problems, Effective Uses and Analysis

On April 30, 2015 Supercell released a new update to Clash of Clans; the most prominent feature of the update was, without dout, the Air Sweeper (AS) which can now be purchased for a price of 500,000 Gold if you are at Town Hall Level 6 or above.

However, it has turned out to be a pretty complicated Air Defense unit – despite the fact that it looks fairly simple.

Problems with the Air Sweeper

To start with, the area covered by the Air Sweeper is only one third of its radius; you can rotate it to the side of your choice but it can never work around the whole of its radius. This means enemies can always gather up closer on the unprotected region.

Due to this it cannot independently be used as a defense system but you will have to put up separate units on its side to compliment it.

Next, it sends out waves that are separated by a gap of five seconds. Each wave takes around 3.5 seconds to reach the outer most boundary of its range after being shot from the unit itself. That gives time for the faster enemy units to get closer.

In short, the Air Sweeper is over rated when it comes to the element of protection specifically – not that it cannot be used for it.

Uses of the Air Sweeper

Despite the fact that its effectiveness in protecting buildings is overestimated, there are a few ways in which it can be used. For instance, if you place it in such a way that it is giving cover to say, a building or the Barbarian King or the Queen while the units take on the enemies.

This would result in giving your fighting units a greater chance at taking down the enemies that are reaching them while the Air Sweeper fends of more notorious flying enemy units like Lava pups or massively upgraded dragons etc.

While doing this you could actually be protecting an otherwise vulnerable building set exactly behind the Air Sweeper from getting taken down – which it would, had you not put up the new air defense system coupled with the stronger defensive units of your own.

A clear – and effective – use of the Air Sweeper is to deter enemies from attacking at your base from a specific side. As you would know, when you attack an enemy, you can see which side the AS is covering.

Isn’t it obvious that you would first want to destroy it and then let your flying units in from that side? Also, isn’t is more than probable that you would choose to attack from another side that is outside the field of the AS?

So yes, whether it is 100 percent effective in protection or not, and despite the fact that it doesn’t covers two third of the radius, it will pose a serious deterring factor when it comes to teh one third radius it has covered.

Even if it cannot damage the enemies, and even if the enemy decides that it is going to attack from the side that the AS is facing; one thing is certain, the AS is surely going to mess up their tempo of attack.

It will waste precious seconds before the enemy air units reach you. In doing so, it thoroughly renders a perfectly consistent Lavaloon deployment, inconsistent.

Using the Air Sweeper

There are numerous ways in which it can effectively be used in Clash of Clans.

Firstly, you could make a set up where you are covering one side of the base with the AS field which would make the enemy think it should attack from the behind, and filling up the backside with traps and defenses. Since the Air Sweeper’s front will have lesser defensive units, the backside will be filled with them making it hard for the enemy to cut through.

In short, you will be using the backside as a bait.

Also, the intrusion made by the AS will divide the Lava hounds and the Balloons into the one third area covered by the AS and the two third it has not covered.

The air wave sent out by the Air Sweeper is five tiles wide, and it can only lock on one object; meaning that you should put in defenses to control the rest of the area that it cannot cover simultaneously i.e. the two thirds region that will be open for enemies when the target is locked.

If you put up an Air Defense in the centre (one third that is covered effectively), and put up two Wizard Towers on each side; you will be putting the Air Defense in a safe region but rendering the Wizard Towers vulnerable as the Air Sweeper will not focus on those sides and let them get destroyed easily.

This will, however, keep your Air Defense Safe.

After reading the last point, you might think that you should put up two Air Defenses in the centre so that the incoming enemies can be attacked before they can get to destroy the Wizard Towers put up on the sides, but that will be worse. This is because two Air Defenses can literally cover half of your whole base and putting them together you will be leaving a lot of your base area open.

Do talk to us if you have any other suggestions regarding the uses of Air Sweepers in Clash of Clans!