ARK: Survival Evolved Announced By Studio Wildcard, Supports Project Morpheus

Project Morpheus, Sony’s attempt to grab some VR market share, is getting a new game called ARK: Survival Evolved. The game will be released for PlayStation 4 and other platforms, and looks like the perfect VR title.

You will have to see it to believe it, so check out the video above. There are dinosaurs, weapons crafting and huge lush environments. Visuals look great and developers (Studio Wildcard) are aiming to push the boundaries of next-gen gameplay.

From the looks of it, developers are truly “shooting for the moon.”

The game features a persistent world along with thousands of AI assets. According to a post on PlayStation Blog:

..totally destructible foliage and environment, and multiplayer on a huge scale. And yeah, we’ve got dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that you can ride! At release, we’re shooting for about 60 distinct species, and we don’t plan to just have them just wandering around as cannon fodder.

All the creatures in the new game will have their own ecosystem, predator hierarchies and an autonomy that goes on without any influence from the players.

The online survival game will feature rideable dinosaurs, but that is only after you learn how to not be eaten by them. After you are a master of riding these creatures, you will be able to take Raptors, apatosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, pterodactyl and even massive scorpions out for a spin.

If Jurassic Park was an MMO, it would have looked something like ARK: Survival Evolved.

The game is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 and is planned for a release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, MAC and Linux. The title will go into Steam Early Access on June 2, while a full release in planned for early 2016.