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3DS Emulation Takes Its First Big Step With The Legend of Zelda

The 3DS Emulation scene has been without any major advancements for as long I can remember. However, a new development gives hope to those who want to emulate 3DS games.

The developers of CITRA, a 3DS emulator, have successfully emulated the first ever commercial 3DS game. The title they emulated is the popular Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While the title is not yet playable, far from it, but this is the first big step to making things work.

CITRA developers wrote in a post:

While this may not look like much, it has taken a huge team effort to get this far and I believe it means that the project is close to running more titles! Here it is, the first screenshot of any 3DS emulator running a commercial game, the loading screen when booting Ocarina of Time.

3DS Emulation

The team working on CITRA hasn’t shared anything else and I belive intersted parties are eager to know more. They are yet to commit to a timeline on which they’ll be able to make the games playable.

On the other hand, how would Nintendo feel about this? They won’t be happy that’s for sure but they haven’t taken any serious steps to stop CITRA for the time being.