Xbox One 1TB Listed By a Spanish Retailer

Microsoft and Sony released their new gaming hardware back in 2013, we saw the dawn of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both consoles came out with powerful specs but one thing that was somewhat criticized and still is, is the HDD size.

Both consoles feature only 500GB which fills up pretty soon considering the size of modern games, along with massive post-release patches and updates.

We need more space and we need it now!

While both Sony and Microsoft are yet to officially confirm a 1TB version of their respective consoles, rumors have been airborne since 2013.

The latest of these rumors suggest that Microsoft is about to release an Xbox One with 1TB hard drive. According to a listing by a Spanish retailer, Xbox One 1TB is heading our way next month on June 23. The listing has now been removed.

While listings like these are often due to mistakes and nothing much ever comes out of them, this particular listing raises curiosity.

The timeline is what’s interesting here, it came just a few weeks before E3 and says an Xbox One 1TB is coming a week or so after E3. It seems like the right time for Microsoft to release a 1TB Xbox One SKU and it most certainly should release one.

I guess we will have to wait till E3 next month to know more about Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox One.

Do you think it’s about time Microsoft releases a 1TB Xbox One SKU?