New League of Legends Champion “Ekko” Revealed

Riot Games has revealed a new champion for their long running MOBA game, League of Legends. The champ in question is Ekko and was revealed during the mid-season invitational. Ekko is one of the coolest champs you’ll see in the game, he uses some sort of a magical device that allows him to move in time.

In the footage you see above, Ekko uses this device to take-down his enemy by moving back and forth in time to see what mistakes he made during combat.

The footage raises a lot of questions about this new character and one them is regarding the way he will actually work during gameplay.  Surely, Riot has things figured out but one thing’s for certain, Ekko can’t be allowed to move back and forth in time to fix mistakes during a multiplayer game.

Because this isn’t Prince to Persia: Sands of Time.

So how will he work? He will most certainly be able to exploit his enemy’s weakness but at what capacity?

You’ll notice that even after rewinding time, the damage he took doesn’t go away. I’m curious to know and see more of this new character.

Check out the video and share your opinions in the comments with us.