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MGS V: Quiet Figurine Has Squeezable Boobs!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain introduces a new character named “Quiet.”  The female sniper faced criticism due to the way she dressed, or should I say the way she didn’t dress.

Some said that her costume, which was highly revealing, didn’t go with the battlefield around her. Meanwhile others just wanted the creator to put some proper clothes on her.

Anyways, Quiet and her creators may come under some serious fire from critics due to a new figurine. The figurine of Quiet is build using some “soft material” which allowed parts of it to be pushed and lifted. In other words, buyers can squeeze her boobs!

The figurine is designed by PlayArtsKAI and it is wearing the same controversial outfit;  torn black tights along with a black bikini, showing Quiet’s well proportioned body in detail.

The figurine also comes with a separate head which features black smudges under its eyes. It is believed that Quiet uses these to absorb light to gain an edge in battle.  This makes it easier for her to do what she does in the harsh sunlight of a desert.

In addition to an alternative head, buyers are also getting a set of guns and knives.

Well, if the idea was to make this figurine look sexy in an attempt to sell it, they have certainly nailed it.