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May Xbox One Update Offers Most Anticipated Features

The new May update to Xbox One, released today, is a big one.

Thanks to your continued feedback, a new month means we get to deliver a new set of fan-requested features on Xbox One. We’re streamlining your gaming experiences even more this time around, whether you’re looking for an easier way to power up the console or connect with distant friends in real time through voice messaging.

Starting with one of the most requested features, you’ll now be able to record and send messages to people on your friends list through the Xbox One Messenger App.

Quickly and easily record audio to send to your friends or others through your snapped messages app, accessed through a simple quick double tap of the Xbox button. Additionally, voice messages can be exchanged between Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.

On top of that big addition, an update to the Xbox One Smartglass app will allow you to power on and off your console as long as it’s on the same home network as your other devices.

The update will also include a new user selected power option similar to what the Playstation 4 implemented in a recent update of their own.  You’ll be able to keep the XBox One in a rested state that will allow for updates to apps and games while saving power.

The final bit of news in this update is the announcement that the dedicated chat servers that preview members were testing, are now being rolled out to everyone.  Microsoft hopes to expand this new feature and fine tune it with the help of the community.