Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is Castlevania’s Successor by Koji Igarashi

As we reported last week, there were rumors that we would see a glimpse into what Castlevania creator Koji Igarashi’s next game would be. Well, he’s revealed some details, a few screenshots, and a bit of concept art.

Leaving Konami after a long relationship that saw the birth of an iconic game franchise, Igarashi looked to his fans to prove his worth as a game designer to investors.

So Iga enlisted Inti Creates, the studio that did Mega Man 9 and are currently working on another similar project in Mighty No 9, for development duties. Long-time Castlevania collaborator Michiru Yamane is set to compose the musical score, Igarashi is directing and producing.

With his collaborators in place, he set to work creating a game which he revealed is called “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night”.


Set at the end of the 18th century, a power hungry organization called The Alchemist Guild is against the progress of science.  To ensure scientific research does not continue, The Guild spreads rumors of demons who would destroy mankind if too much faith is put into science.

As scientific progress advances despite their warnings, the alchemists begin using children to lure demons to Earth, knowing that the world will then beg them to stop the demonic hordes.

However, The Guild suddenly vanishes overnight and a mysterious castle rises in the darkness.  A hero must emerge to rescue the kidnapped children and investigate what The Alchemists Guild is up to now.

While it sounds like an interesting game, a great idea can not get a game funded.  So Igarashi is looking to Kickstarter and his fanbase to help get his Castlevania successor off the ground.

in an interview with Kotaku, Igarashi talks about the choice to crowdfund the game over other avenues of funding.

After a very long process and many unsuccessful attempts with publishers we finally were able to find external investment for the project to cover most of it.

However, the investment came with some conditions. We need to prove that market really wants another Igavania game. This Kickstarter will either prove that my fans were right, or that the unsupportive publishers were right. At the bare minimum goal, we’ll be able to make the game in its basic form.

But this is a big opportunity for me to really do something big now that I’m independent, so I hope we can unlock more stretch goals and make a much deeper game.

Igarashi is hoping to release “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” on all major next gen consoles when it launches so no one will be left out of Iga’s resurgence to gaming greatness.

So head on over to his Kickstarter and jump on board the Igavania hype train!