Black Mesa Developers Share Tons of Details in Q&A Session

Black Mesa was released on Steam last week and all the Half Life who have been waiting for the next iteration by Valve were hyped about the game’s early access release.

Crowbar Collective, the developers who are behind the remake decided it was the right time to answer questions that the fans might have in their minds regarding the game so they took to Reddit with a Q&A session.

Multiplayer level designers Jordan Fanaris and Joseph Radak alongside level artist Spencer Rose started taking questions from the community a couple of hours ago.

Firstly, since Black Mesa just got an early access on Steam for now, and since fans have been waiting on it for a while, many were inquiring about the release schedule to which the developers said that they “currently don’t have a timeline for a full release yet,” but later added:

Let me clarify that. We have an internal schedule that we’re pretty confident we can meet. We just haven’t released an official deadline/ETA to the public. We’ve only been on Steam for less than a week, so it’s a little too early for us to have a concrete release date.

About upgrading the game engine, they said that “we’re on our own custom engine version right now. We have no plans to port to another new engine version in the future.” Although you can expect improvements to it in the future.

Moving on, they are prioritizing the multiplayer over most of other things and so you can “expect some updates in the near future to the MP maps for optimization” and more.

Talking about Xen, they said that it will take up around 15 percent of the game, and that they had revisited it in much more detail. Also, at this point the “entirety of Xen has been planned out.”

There is a lot more about Black Mesa where this came from, head to the thread to find out more.