Batman Arkham Knight Scriptwriter on Gordon, Oracle, Batman Relationship

We all know that Batman Arkham Knight is going to go heavy on the story elements of the series. So just as we come down to the last month before the release of the game, the developers are talking about the different characters and how their relationships are going to be important.

Martin Lancaster, the scriptwriter for Batman Arkham Knight recently talked about some of the major characters in question.

Lancaster primarily discussed Oracle, Batman and Gordon’s relationships, saying that it was all really interesting how they were dynamic and not at all monotonous.

The great thing about writing for Gordon in Arkham Knight is we have this dynamic of character relationships between Gordon, his daughter Barbara, who works for Batman as Oracle, [and Batman].

He then went on to talk about other elements that come to play between batman and Commissioner Gordon’s relationship, especially with regards to Batman’s contact with Oracle which, among other things is an element of secrecy between them:

There’s an interesting triangular relationship there. There’s deceit and deception, obviously Gordon is one of Batman’s oldest allies, but there is this secret between them. Batman has been working with Oracle for sometime and that’ll come to a head in Arkham Knight.

It appears that Batman Arkham Knight is really going to stay true to the expectation of being an installment that ties more than a few loose ends in the series!

The game releases on June 23, 2015; are you ready to take on all the foes that want Batman dead?