WWE 2K15 Will Receive No More Updates in Future, 2K Games Announces

2K Games have announced that there will be no more updates/patches for WWE 2K15 down the road; which means there will be no update v.1.06 and v.1.07.

The announcement came via the game’s official forums where the Community Manager, Marcus Stephenson stated that the team is officially stopping support for WWE 2K15 and building towards the future:

Hey everyone — sorry for the delay, but I wanted to be 100% sure.

I have confirmed with our dev team that there will be no more updates/patches for WWE 2K15. The team is hard at work building for the future, and all feedback in this thread and on this forum will be taken into account in the building process.

We have a lot to do and prove to you — thanks for sticking with us! We’ll begin to show you the steps we’re taking towards building the game/franchise that we all want.

The latest WWE 2K15 update was rolled out back in Mar. 30, 2015 and since there are no more upcoming DLC, the developers decided to discontinue the game’s support.

Another important thing to note here is; if you come across any issues with the game, it’s better to refer to 2K Games’ Support Section.