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Ubisoft Annecy Joins the Development of The Division

According to some new details shared about The Division, Ubisoft Annecy will now be joining-in on the development of the game. The studio joins Red Storm and Reflections under the lead on Massive Entertainment to bring us The Division.

Ubisoft using multiple teams to develop a single game isn’t something new, but having four different studios indicate towards the massive size of this game.

Ubisoft Annecy has worked on Assassin’s Creed II, Splinter Cell titles and more. They are more then competent to handle whatever Massive asks them to deliver. But what exactly is the role of this studio? Ubisoft says that the studios’ role in the development of the game is being kept under wraps for now but more will be revealed soon.

According to Massive Entertainment Managing Director David Polfeldt:

We are very happy that Ubisoft Annecy is part of The Division’s family. They are highly experienced and talented developers, adding much value to the project. Being able to work with other studios offers fantastic creative opportunities during development and, in the end, strongly benefits the overall quality of the game.

Ubisoft Annecy  Studio Manager Rebecka Coutaz said that their previous experience in multiplayer games will help The Division and the team working on it, which they are now a part of.

We are bringing our previous experience in multiplayer online games and this project is allowing us to build our technical knowledge in other areas and become experts on this incredible brand.

The Division is expected to release this year but nothing can be said for sure until Ubisoft confirms. More news about the game will come-out of E3 next month.