Star Wars Battlefront: Darth Vader, Boba Fett Hero System Revealed

Excited that you will be able to play as one of the iconic heroes in Star Wars Battlefront? Don’t you want to know how you will be able to get your hands on them?

We know that when the game releases you are going to be able to put yourself in the shoes of Darth Vader as well as Boba Fett, but so far we had not been told how exactly it was going to work in the game.

Thankfully, the design director for Star Wars Battlefront, Niklas Fegraeus was in a discussion with the Official Xbox Magazine where he shed some light on the game including the hero system and the way you will be able to access the two legendary characters.

It is simple, the two characters will become accessible through a power up system; find the power up, find the hero:

It has variations to it that depend on game modes and so on. But you can get it through a power-up system… when you find the hero power-up, that is when you can make your choice.

So how will this impact the game’s balance, you might ask. Well, naturally letting someone play as a strong hero like these two would have caused an imbalance if you were allowed to keep the hero and his abilities for too long. This is why the developers are following suit in this regard and doing what the last games did:

You basically have one life to use all that power, you get to try to turn the tide and win for your team and become a beacon of hope for everyone.

So, how excited are you about wielding the lightsaber in Star Wars Battlefront?