Splatoon Demo Brings Manual; Inkling Costumes and More

I have never understood why would the developers of Splatoon have such a complicated name; but like everything that the game is about, Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 is also a different name.

That was not the point, the point is that this third person shooter is being regarded as a must have Wii U exclusive title and it just got a “Global Testfire Demo.”

Interestingly, the developers are being very helpful with the game (as they have in terms of sharing details about it in the past) and they have included a complete manual within the demo.

This is not just for the controls, according to this Reddit user, it is a full game manual that shares additional details on the controls, weapons, and game modes that Splatoon is going to bring you with the full release.

Those of you who have the demo will be able to access the manual by cranking up the demo and hitting the Home button. In the options that come up you will be allowed to choose Manual and read up on all of it.

Moreover, the official Instagram for Nintendo also shared some interesting stuff with regards to the characters you are going to play with.

As you can see above, they shared a short video from the character customization screen of the game. You can see the Inkling being dressed up in different costumes including shoes, T-shirts and caps.

It looks like each one of them brings a gameplay advantage for the character and can be bought for in-game currency to the tunes of a couple of hundreds of gold coins.

Splatoon releases on May 29.