iCEnhancer Mod for GTA 5 Gets First Images and Gameplay Video

The creator behind GTA IV’s exceedingly popular ‘iCEnhancer’ mod is also working on GTA 5 and has shared new batch of screenshots of his work so far!

Immediately after official launch of GTA 5, Hayssam Keilany – the creator of the mod – revealed via Facebook that iCEnhancer mod will be available for the latest iteration of Grand Theft Auto.

Today Hayssam Keilany has shared a glimpse of iCEnhancer for GTA 5 being dubbed as ‘Timecycle Mod’ .

According to the official description of the mod, Keilany made some notable changes to the game. The mod removes the DOF noise effect during weapon and player transition, decreases the fog amount, removes the blurry background, changes the sun color, and much more:

The first timecycle mod for GTA V. I did that quickly though and blindly but it’s already pretty cool for the future. I removed the DOF weird noise shit during player transition and weapon changing, reduced the fog amount, i hated it, removed the blurry background, changed the sun color to something more neutral, less brown. changed the water, and removed the post effects for each character (as you may know, each character in V has their own post-processing).

Keilany has also promised to continue work on the Timecycle Mod and keep it alive in days to come! You can check out the images in the gallery below and share your impressions with us in the Discussion Box below: